Daycare Management


Daycare Management is a web management portal for daycare to manage the day-to-day operations as well for external users to get more information about the daycare. Given the considerations for privacy and security concerns (data of families in the system) in the globalized world such a portal will require compliance with security laws through effective policy implementations & encryption of the data to prevent data / information proliferation

The current daycare system has following modules

  • User Administration (External + Internal)
  • Admissions (External)
  • Employee Admission (External)
  • School Management (Internal)
  • Billing
  • Accreditation
  • Reports/Dashboard
  • Import/Export

The separation of data, application, and presentation elements, known as n-tier architecture, is a modern practice in software engineering. This practice, along with the established separation of interface elements, facilitates system scalability by allowing computing resources to be allocated independently in accordance with load. This separation also minimizes and manages dependencies by allowing each element to be developed and maintained independently, promoting flexibility and effective utilization of specialized resources.

  • Data
  • Application
  • Presentation
  • Interfaces