Banking and Insurance


Transform Your Business by Automating Manual Tasks for Key Business Processes

Banking and insurance organizations are gradually evolving to meet the digital demands of a rapidly changing marketplace of tech-savvy, mobilized and millennial consumers. Yet many firms remain plagued by manual processes that result in operational inefficiencies, customer dis-satisfaction and risk of non-compliance to regulatory requirements.

Synaptein Solutions can help banking and insurance companies to automate repetitive, manual tasks for collecting and inputting data between portals, websites, internal applications and your core systems. Automatically process digital content, apply validations and route information electronically to accelerate processing and increase customer satisfaction. Improve efficiencies and free up your employees for more valuable and rewarding work by eliminating mundane, manual work.

Claims Express and Express Loan Processing with Robotic Process Automation

  • Deploy software robots to handle mortgage lending tasks efficiently. Monitor emails, process digital content from internal systems and reconcile data between your enterprise content management and loan origination systems. Automatically collect, cleanse and validate loan data to approve applications quickly and generate revenue faster.

Risk and Compliance – Customer Onboarding Automation

  • Automatically perform required checks of an individual’s background to ensure compliance and regulations. Verify a customer’s identity quickly and easily against watch lists and public record databases for faster onboarding of new accounts or loan approvals while reducing risk. Extract and aggregate regulatory updates from hundreds of global websites and portals and deliver the information directly to your bank employees.

Enhance Customer Service with Real-Time Access to Information

  • Get real-time access to data in any application and eliminate the need for employees to manually log into multiple systems to track down information. Enhance responsiveness with tighter integration of email, call center applications and your core systems.

Make Informed Business/Underwriting Decisions with Precise Data

  • Gather precise data related to the applicant for new property, life and auto policies. Obtain DMV records for an auto policy or relevant medical histories for a life insurance policy quickly and easily to better assess risk.

Accelerate Claims Processing with Faster Data Gathering

  • Increase efficiencies by automating claim verification and integrating required data, regardless of the source. Input the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) quickly. Provide automated notifications to loss adjusters and assignments to claims handlers.