At Synaptein, we specialize in developing end-to-end analytical solutions for K-12.

We deliver a complete business intelligence package that includes historical data capture, interactive dashboards, scorecards, predictive analytics, and ad-hoc reporting. With this information available to educators and decision makers, one can better trend and identify predictors of a student’s long-term success, enabling them to effectively design programs focused on student improvement.

To achieve this success, we have created a platform that integrates with any data source, irrespective of format, using a standardized merging process to develop a full profile of each student called “The Student Aspect.” The Student Aspect allows our customers to leverage the success patterns and predictors made evident by illustrating and modeling demographics, attendance, enrollment, discipline, test scores, curriculum, and special education data. This unique analytic advantage improves the decision-maker’s ability to craft the distinct solutions needed to continually enhance learning programs.

The dashboards are highly visual with graphs, charts, tables, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and full drill down functionality, enabling the educator to pinpoint focus areas in their school systems across multiple causal factors. Synaptein’s expertise with a variety of data visualization technologies allows solutions that meet the demands and budgets of school systems from small to large.