U.S. Federal Government


Government leaders today are under extraordinary pressure to do more with existing, or fewer, resources.

Sequestration, reduced tax revenues, soaring deficits and a deepening national debt are driving a focus on aligning resources where they can achieve the best outcomes. At the same time, there is demand for visibility and transparency in the use of those resources.

Synaptein Government Services (SGS) helps you to meet the challenges, whether you are an established or new government contractor.

With SGS, you get technical knowledge and practical experiences across a wide range of US government contracting functions and disciplines. Our people, ideas, technology, and outcomes are all designed for impact.

We bring a fresh perspective from inside and outside government to help solve our nation’s biggest challenges. From cyber and IT modernization to big data and analytics, cloud, anti-fraud, and leadership services, we bring insights from our client experiences and research.

We excel at tackling the most complex challenges, from reforming financial regulatory oversight and evolving our healthcare system to improving information sharing among law enforcement organizations and supporting green building initiatives.

Our work spans the full breadth of civil government, including energy and the environment, financial services, health, homeland security, law enforcement, transportation, grants, international development and diplomacy, and benefits and entitlements.

We work with leaders so they make better decisions and foster improved user experiences both inside and outside of their organizations. Our heritage is based on providing objective, fact-based insights, and our broad portfolio of services is aimed at driving relevant, tangible results.

We believe integration fosters innovation. Unprecedented challenges require support that is connected, responsive, and insightful. We are ready to help you build a better working world.