Our deep experience in software development, especially in business process management reflect on our products. Ability to deliver best-of-breed soutions rests on our expertise in leveraging best practices to address evolving business demands.



Purchase Card Processing

Purchase Card Processing System is a 2nd Generation Card Processing System that allows centralized control to organization to manage proper usage of Credit Cards, Fleet Cards, Travel Cards used for official purposes. This BPM solution provides a 360-degree view into employee expenditure on company cards and can be effectively used for management and budgeting purposes.

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Unified Contracting System/eFAST (UCS) is a secure web application contract management system. It streamlines FAA's procurement processes and automates manual procurement, contract formulation, execution while providing enterprise storage for data and documents. UCS is part of Acquisition Management System (AMS). It is used to allocate funds and budgeting of FAA’s acquisition requirements.

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Synaptein Solutions has created a mobile development center of excellence for mobile application development initiatives. We launched our first commercial application called “sitawile” a social media platform that helps people create and join restaurant tables. The app is currently available on web (, Android (google play) and iOS (app store) platforms. Sitawile currently has more than 1000 users.



RiskSpotlight is a web portal for banks and financial services on subscription basis. It provides Risk related news, surveys, reports of the world for specific risk categories as identified by ISO 31000, BASEL and RiskSpotlight framework. The resources on the portal are for two primary purposes:

  • Identify resources for organizations to learn gaps within the framework
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KnowOpioids is an initiative by Synaptein Solutions to address the growing opioid epidemic. Our effort is to create widespread awareness through education and provide a platform for analytical reporting that help researchers, scientists, academicians, opioid experts and the entire medical field to identify trends and patterns that can help implement targeted solutions. Opioid abuse, addiction, and overdoses are serious health problems in the United States.

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Seats and Shows

Seats and Shows is the first digital initiative for the Indian film exhibition sector. This will help to enhance the average occupancy ratios of cinema halls by channelizing fresh entrepreneurial energy. This will eventually unlock the true value of the film entertainment business in India. Seats and Shows is an exciting blend of Technology and Entrepreneurship mixed with Auctioning and Trading elements to make the Exhibition sector more accessible.

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