Seats and Shows


What is “Seats & Shows”?

  • Seats & Shows is an innovative technology platform that will turn the highly opaque Indian film exhibition sector in to an exciting & transparent, modern ecosystem.
  • It aims to transform the ailing sector by effectively enhancing the Average Occupancy Ratios of cinema halls by channelizing fresh entrepreneurial energy in to the ecosystem.
  • It aims to unlock the true value of the filmed entertainment business in India.
  • Seats & Shows is an exciting blend of Technology & Entrepreneurship mixed with Auctioning & Trading elements to make the Exhibition sector more accessible to local business ecosystems.

How does the system work?

  • Upcoming new filmed content seeking a release are listed.
  • List also displays the Commission Entrepreneurs can earn from each of the listed films, along with the Partnering Theatres, Release Dates & possible Show-Times for the releasing film.
  • Shows of the releasing films are classified in the following categories:
    • Available i.e. Films seeking a release
    • Applied i.e. Films that have received bids but are awaiting better bids (if any)
    • Sold i.e. Films that have accepted the best available bids and locked for a show.

Counter Bids

  • This will happen for the big anticipated release of the year with mega star-casts, directors etc.
  • Only bids with a better deal to the Producer qualify
  • During the 72 Hours while shows are in consideration, interested Entrepreneurs from that region can place counter bids based on their interest and understanding
  • Better Bids = Pay for more than 30% seats / Accept lesser commission / Bid for more shows or Bid for a full-fledged release!
  • All bids have to be backed by amounts committed by the bidder and blocked by the system.

Executing a Full-fledged film release?

  • For a full-fledged, proper release of a film, the Exhibitor (Individually or) along with the Partnering Entrepreneur/s must Demand 21 Shows (Min) in their town @30% Occupancy!
  • If a Release bid is placed after individual show-Codes have been generated for a silo, the show codes morph in to the Release-Code but show-code owners receive commissions as promised, plus the full benefits of a proper Release! I.e. Hoardings, poster, local newspaper listing etc.
  • The Release-Code is used by all entrepreneurs and their individual deliverables have to be mutually defined based on their efforts and monetary investment and mutual understanding.
  • A Release Code will be eligible for newspaper listings, Local release partner status along with other benefits, like invitation to the premier/special screening with the producer or star cast etc.

  • A Release-Code will also be eligible for 5% extra commission (TBD by producer)
  • Full-fledged release would make the Partnering (or collaborating) Entrepreneurs eligible to use the theatre’s big 6 sheeter hoardings, display space in the waiting foyer of that theatre, and or all the possible publicity tools that the producer would like to utilize.
  • They will receive all publicity material for that film including 6 sheeter Posters, Standee’s and other marketing and publicity material from the producer for free.
  • They will also be able to participate in any and all the promotional schemes undertaken by the producer for no cost at all. o Note: If a full-fledged release is not possible successfully bidding for 12 shows (By one or more entrepreneurs) will also make them eligible for all available marketing tools like Posters Banners, Standee’s etc. for free except Delivery & courier charges.
  • This application will be ready for its beta release sometime late this year or early next year. For more information feel free to contact us