SynapOne’s Digital Transformation practice is a leader in providing next generation technology to global enterprises.

We combine our core business knowledge with leading technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Technologies and Analytics to offer powerful business intelligence that helps in improving business visibility, allowing business leaders to respond quickly to evolving market needs. We use machine learning (ML) tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions.

SynapOne Digital Practice

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

We cooperate with businesses of different sizes, from startups to large enterprises. From our experience, we know that regardless of the size of a company, business owners face similar challenges planning new data initiatives.

Our clients either don’t have their own data science teams, or their team is too small to cope with all the tasks in the environment of a fast-growing company.

With SynapOne, you’ll save time on looking for top-notch specialists. Our team of world-class data scientists, AI consultants, and ML engineers will bring technical know-how to your project from day one.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Every organization today needs digital automation in order to increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer experience. While Business Process Management (BPM) has significantly enabled automation of business processes over last decade or so, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is yet another giant step towards achieving this goal. RPA aims to automate high volume, routine, mundane and repetitive human tasks by use of a digital workforce – a scalable and reliable army of trained software robots – allowing humans to focus on more value-added work. Additionally, there are number of integration and interfacing challenges that companies have avoided because of costs, legacy technology and lack of skills and time consumed. SynapOne is in a unique position to offer RPA Consulting to our clients with our deep expertise and solutions on the combined prowess of BPM and RPA delivering a scalable virtual workforce. Our services include:

Task & Process Automation with Attended & Unattended Bots

Enterprise RPA Roadmap Development

Data Management – Input and Output Transmission

Center of Excellence for Enterprise Automation Management

System Integration/ Interfacing with RPA

Why SynapOne?

  • Leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Immediate increase in process efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and speed of completion.
  • Use of latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Recognition, and Natural Language Processing to take RPA and Automation to the next level.
  • Centre of Excellence (CoE) will provide end-to-end RPA solutions that include RPA awareness workshops, process discovery, implementation, training, support and vision definition
  • Our RPA services can process invoices, create sales orders, and generate customer invoices, compare multiple data fields, complete forms, and even send documents for approval

SynapOne RPA Approach
SynapOne provides the following services

  • Define the RPA strategy
  • Perform RPA Assessments
  • RPA Governance
  • Production right up to roll-out
  • Continuous improvement
  • RPA Innovation

SynapOne RPA Agile Implementation Approach (4 phased)

Both RPA and BPM..

Both RPA and BPM aim to improve efficiency of a business process through automation, accuracy, visibility and scale. The ways and means with which these two distinct technologies achieve process transformation are different. While BPM focuses on automating end-to-end business process bringing multiple people and systems together in a unified process layer, RPA focuses on automating individual mundane tasks via trained software bots. The two technologies complement each other significantly and offer synergies to deliver immense combined value to customers. Examples of how RPA and BPM complement each other: