SynapOne is providing free software, development and support for Essential Services Automation and Business Continuity at absolutely zero cost to the government. This is SynapOne’s contribution in supporting the government during their tremendous effort in combating COVID-19.

SynapOne is committed to our social responsibility during difficult times to help our community battle COVID-19. We have teamed up with Blue Prism to automate business processes for our clients in meeting customer demands, such as call center operations, identification and notifications of high-risk individuals, and processing emergency funding requests.

Our offering is leveraging the power of our RPA community. Our internal developers, consultants and analysts; our partners, alliances and customers – to offer to those in need, by donating software licenses and services to enable them to automate key manual/repetitive/analytical/data entry tasks that they’re struggling to maintain in light of COVID-19.

What types of organizations are eligible to participate in the Program?

Level 1: top priority is to help to frontline responders in healthcare, government and emergency services.

Level 2: business continuity for organizations in key industries—like food supply chain, manufacturing, airlines, hospitality, non-profits–who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and require immediate support.

As of 26 March, ~20 requests have been submitted, and the Executive Committee has already approved requests from:

  • Healthcare providers in the UK and US to help with staff management and other key back office functions, like:
    monitoring the spread of the virus in prisons, sharing data between trusts, and enabling access to virtual
  • A leading research university in the US, on investigating and mapping the protein sequencing for a potential