Purchase Card Processing System is a 2nd Generation Card Processing System that allows centralized control to organization to manage proper usage of Credit Cards, Fleet Cards, Travel Cards used for official purposes.

Following are the high-level benefits at an organization level

  • Consolidate transaction documentation and link them with purchase card records to speed up post-payment processes
  • Monitor improper usage of purchase card by distributing policies automatically to program staff
  • Collect and safeguard all card-related documentation in the secure repository
  • Direct documents automatically through settlement workflow, from review to general ledger
  • Optimized and automated reporting, reconciliation and audit preparation by rapidly collating purchase card documentation.
The Purchase Card Processing system (PCPS) allows credit card holders and approving officials to satisfy the accounting requirements associated with using credit cards, minimizing the involvement of accounting office personnel.

PCPS is fully automated credit card purchase processing system

It provides purchase card holders and approving officials the ability to electronically annotate credit card invoices with correct accounting classification codes, item descriptions and approvals. This eliminates the need for accounting personnel to manually key data into the department accounting and financial information systems on one hand and helps the purchase card holder to avoid the cumbersome process of reimbursements on the other and since the PCPS application is rule based it also makes the purchase approval process robust and highly efficient.